Why You'll Need Truck Insurance in Summer 2022

If you own a trucking business, the last thing you want to do is lose trucks in your fleet because of accidents. It is important to get truck insurance to anticipate and be prepared for these events. Truck insurance goes beyond helping protect your company and its assets in case of an accident or theft. This article will outline the reasons why you need to have truck insurance in the summer of 2022.

Roads Are More Dangerous

The weather may be nice, but there are still hazards on the roadways. The sun is strong enough to melt ice and snow, so roads become slick and dangerous for drivers who are not prepared. In 2017, 4,889 of the 37,133 fatal crashes on America's highways had at least one heavy truck or bus, which was a 2% increase from the previous year. It is important to keep yourself safe by purchasing truck insurance this summer before heading out on the roadways. You may just save your business tremendous amounts of money by doing so.

Avoid Being Fined

If you do not have insurance coverage for your rig, you could face hefty penalties when renewing your registration or paying for repairs on your vehicle. If this happens, it will be harder for you to get back on the road. Setbacks like this are not only bad for your own business, but for your clients whose products you are shipping as well. This can affect business relationships if it becomes too frequent.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Truck insurance is an important part of your business. You need to have it if you have a truck used for business purposes. It is also necessary if you have employees who drive your truck. You need to ensure they have the right insurance to drive safely and legally on the roadways.

Protect Your Assets

Truck insurance protects your assets from being lost or damaged in an accident. If something happens to your truck, it could result in financial losses for you and your business. These losses may include paying medical bills, replacing equipment, paying for lost work time, and more. A good policy will also cover theft or vandalism of your vehicle, so if someone breaks into it and damages it, it will also be covered.

If you own a truck fleet that will be busy this summer, you can ensure its safety by getting truck insurance. Do you need truck insurance for your fleet? Contact Truck and Transportation, LLC today!